• OmniPet Professional Style Nail Trimmer with Nail Guard

This long blade is curved to fit the contour of the pets nail. An excellent aid in smoothing claws after clipping.

Keep your dog’s nails trimmed short with these heavy-duty stainless steel blades pet nail clippers which helps you quickly and easily trim your dog’s nails, keeping them comfy and healthy. Long nails can cause your dog discomfort, even pain if they get snagged or infected. With heavy duty dog nail clippers, your dog’s toes will be safe and healthy. Choose the size of pet nail clippers that are right for your dog.

Made with heat-treated heavy duty steel. The sharp blade ensures a precise, quick cut that trims the nail rather than crushes it. A precise trim with the dog nail clippers helps you cut just where you want without nicking the quick in the nail.

- Essential grooming accessory for your pet’s health and happiness
- Dog nail clippers help keep nails short
- Heat-treated steel pet nail clippers

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OmniPet Professional Style Nail Trimmer with Nail Guard

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