• Happy Jack Sardex II

Sardex II from Happy Jack is the convenient way to treat sarcoptic mange on dogs. Perhaps the most technologically advanced treatment for mange we offer, it combines the rare qualities of a unique active ingredient (benzl benzoate) with convenience. It’s odorless, greaseless, non-staining, making it perfect anytime, anywhere, especially for the indoor dog. Simply spray onto affected areas, rub in and allow to dry. Kills those itch causing mange mites and brings much needed relief to your dog.


Clip hair around all affected areas; if necessary, clip entire body. Then wash animal thoroughly with soap and water, rinse and allow animal to dry or wipe dry before application. Spray product on the affected areas, rub in slightly, allow to dry and then apply a second time. Repeat applications at 7-day intervals until the condition clears up.

Happy Jack Sardex II

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