This compact, electronic predator call is easy to transport in the field, quick to set up, and it packs a punch with realistic game calls that carry far. The Johnny Stewart® Grim Speaker GS1 comes pre-loaded with 5 loud calls—desperate cottontail, crywolf bark/howls, coyote pup distress, fawn bleating, vittles ‡la jackrabbit—in full 16-bit clarity. Each call loops for 30 seconds. The handheld remote has a 50-yard range, and nests into the caller for easy transport. The remote uses one 12V A23 battery (included); and the unit uses 4 AA batteries (not included). The Grim Speaker GS1 is a highly functional electronic predator call, that's ideal for mobile hunters who put a lot of legwork into their predator hunting.

  • Compact and highly mobile
  • Pre-loaded with 5 loud calls with 16-bit clarity
  • Handheld remote with 50-yd. range

Johnny Stewart Grim Speaker GS1 Predator Call

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