• Knight & Hale / 4 -in - 1 -Squirrel Call

A hand-operated call that does it all. Easily replicate the bark of gray and fox squirrels, the gray squirrel’s alarm or chatter call, and even a young squirrel’s distress call.

Get 4 distinct sounds from this unique squirrel call made by Knight & Hale, now with an acrylic end piece for durability and ease of use. This hand-operated call produces gray and fox squirrel barks, alarm or chatter calls, and the distress call of young squirrels to lure in not only squirrels but their predators as well.

  • 4 extremely effective squirrel calls rolled into one lethal calling unit with an acrylic end piece
  • Delivers ultra-realistic barks, alarm calls, chatter and young squirrel distress calls with ease 
  • Field-tested and proven to attract both squirrels and their predators 
  • A quality product from Knight and Hale, makers of fine calls since 1972

Knight & Hale / 4 -in - 1 -Squirrel Call

  • Product Code: KHSG601-T
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  • $17.95