• Dogtra 3502NCP Super-X


The Dogtra 3502NCP Super-X e-collar is the 2-Dog version of 3500NPC Super-X, the tool of choice to work dogs in extreme conditions at extreme ranges. Like all Dogtra products, the Dogtra 3502NCP Super-X goes through extreme testing in extreme conditions to withstand the rigor. The Super-X excels in conditions where 1-mile range and high output stimulation is the requirement and the norm, such as in advanced pet dog training, hunting, performance, and K9. 

The Dogtra 3502NCP Super-X e-collar is designed to train dogs 35 pounds or larger with 1-mile range, training from a distance. The fully waterproof receiver outputs Low-High stimulation from 1-127 levels and uses a patented Rheostat Intensity Dial technology for gradual and precise stimulation control. The Dogtra 3502NCP Super-X e-collar comes with two receivers/collars, and one handheld transmitter and is also available in the 1-dog system, 3500NCP Super-X.

  • 1-Mile Range
    Rheostat/Volume Dial with Stimulation Levels 0-127
    2-Hour Rapid Charge Batteries
    Nick, Constant, and Non-Stimulating Pager Vibration
    Non-Stimulating Pager Vibration
    Low to High Power Stimulation
    Belt Clip
    Fully Waterproof
    LCD Screen
    Regular/Mild Setting Toggle Switch
    For Dogs as Small as 35 lbs.
    2-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Transmitter
    2 Receivers
    Battery Charger and 2 Splitter Cable
    Test Light
    Owner's Manual
    Carrying Case


  • Antenna ANT 3        
  • Battery BP74R
    Auto Charger BC10AUTO        
  • Battery BP74T
  • Belt Clip #5 Metal
  • Charger SBC10V1500 5.5        
  • Contact Point SCG-401K        
  • Lanyard Black
  • Single Contact Point 1" Female
  • Single Contact Point 1/2" Female
    Single Contact Point 3/4" Female
  • Single Contact Point 5/8" Female (Standard)
    Splitter Cable 5-5 
  • Test Light #2        

Dogtra 3502NCP Super-X

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