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Comes with Extremely Bright Warm White Colored Main Beam and your Choice of Red and Green or Red and Flooded White Secondary LED's.

Free built in laser with purchase of any Boss Hotspot 3D SE.

Five brightness settings, highest setting last 3.5 hours / lowest setting over 100 hours!

The Boss HotSpot 3D SE Belt Light Package is our newest light.  Technology changes at a rapid pace these days and as it changes we will continue to incorporate the most modern advancements into our line up of Lights. Along with the extremenly bright warm white LED used for spotting and long distance shining we have added your choice of one red and one green LED or one red and one flooded white LED to use for walking, boating or camping.


The Boss HotSpot will shine the top of any tree and show you what's up there.  If you think that claim is incorrect, we have nothing to hide. We are at Coon Hunts around the Country on a regular basis and your are welcome to stop by and compare any light you have with our lights.  It doesn’t get any simpler than that. You can determine not only the BRIGHTNESS but the HALO pattern of the light which is important to us.  Why?  The HALO is what puts light at your feet so you can see what your fixing to trip over. 

Burn Time:

  • Position 5 - 3.5 hours
  • Position 4 - 26 hours
  • Position 3 - 44 hours
  • Position 2 - 80 hours
  • Position 1 - 100 plus hours


You get a Soft Battery Pack, Belt, Smart Charger, Head with Cord.

Along with one of the extremenly bright main beam you get your choice of Red and Green LED's or Red and Flooded White LED.

You get a Smart Charger to protect your battery from overcharge.

Colored LED and Laser
There are two smaller LED's below the Main Beam.  You can get these in RED and GREEN combination or RED and FLOODED WHITE combination.  The RED LED is excellent for finding the coons eye in the tallest trees.  Also works great for gators at close range so you don't spook them.  FLOODED White LED which is an excellent walk light, mule riding light, boat light or camping light when a broader flood light is needed.  GREEN LED is popular with varmit hunters and hog hunters.

Boss Hot Spot 3D SE Light

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