• Moonshiner Lights - Outlaw

The NEW Moonshiner Outlaw with SC5 Technology is built around Cree's new SC5 technology. This means the Moonshiner Outlaw relies on LEDs that look and perform like dedomed LEDs with one small exception - they have a flat dome to protect the LEDs from moisture. Unlike dedomed LEDs this new LED gives you the life expectancy and reliability where dedomed LEDs fail. The Moonshiner Outlaw has been tested at 250,000 lux making this the brightest light that is currently available. I won't tell you that our side modules are the brightest simply because I haven't been in the competitions lights, what I will tell you is we use colored LEDs with the highest lumen output available. Our side modules are available in white, redand green. wide angle white for walking and red and green when looking for eyes of the coon
Weight is approximately 22 ounces. , 9 position click switch, 2 for each color, 4 for main light - center off.

Burn times are approximate and may vary 
click 1 50 hours
click 2 22 hours
click 3 10 hours
click 4 2 hours

Built on Cree’s breakthrough SC5 Technology™ Platform, the XP-L High-Intensity LED delivers more than double the candelas of the industry’s previous highest-performing single-die XP-L LED through the same optic. The new high-intensity LED offers a drop-in ready upgrade for XP-based luminaire designs, enabling manufacturers to achieve higher luminous intensity with minimal redesign to accelerate time to market.
Available on a bump cap, hard shell soft cap, or long cord with belt clip priced at $295.00
Available as a camouflage belt light with extended burn time priced at $349.00
Above all this light and head is made right here in the USA

Moonshiner Lights - Outlaw

  • $295.00

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