Moonshiner Lights

Moonshiner Lights are great lights for coonhunting, hunting, working on the farm. They are not limited to hunting-useful for many activities. Donald Maggard the owner of Moonshiner Light's put quality and value in all his lights.

Charging My Light How Long

Charging with a Smart Charger. If you burn your light for 10 minutes or 10 hours
all you have to do is plug your smart charger into your light and forget about it.
The worry is over you will not over charge your battery. It charges your battery to a
full charge then switches to a trickle charge. Your light can be left on charge without
damaging your battery.The amber or red LED shows that the charger is working; the green
LED shows that your light is ready.*WARING* DO NOT RUN YOUR BATTERY ALL THE WAY

For our other lights , the charger should feel warn to the touch while charging.
Charging your battery for 12 - 18 huors should bring battery pack to full charge,
depending on time used since last charge . Do not leave your battery on charge for
more than 24 hours. If your light is not in use , charge it once a month. Avoid running battery completely down.

Using my switch on high side  

The Switch
To prevent excessive battery drain, we install a thermistor shut-off on all of our lights.
This shut-off automatically turns off your light when when the high side of the bulb is in
use and the battery switch is set at any click other than the highest position. When this
occurs simply turn the battery switch back to the brightest setting, and then you can use
the rotary switch on the headpiece to switch to the low side of the bulb. The shut-off does
not affect the low side of the bulb, so it can be used at any desired brightness setting by
using the battery switch.

What Bulb fits My Light 

    • 6 Volt 5100 head 1440 , 6V64
    • 12 Volt CB10X
    • 15 Volt CB10X or 12V32
      17 Volt CB10Xor 12V32
    • 20 to 21 Volt 12V32, 24,26,28, Volt 24V98

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Moonshiner Lights - 21 V Belt Light

Moonshiner Lights - 21 V Belt Light

Includes:5100 Head Regular not LEDSmart ChargerHard HatLED Walking LightBeltExtra Bulb 12V32X6 Posit..


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